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Our association works at the heart of the Guadeloupean family. Our project with its family, school and leisure components brings together all the children of the island. It is love for my island and the children that have led me to this project since my return. My parenthood made me discover new education where each child is unique, and is the first agent of their development. The child by nature likes to learn, it is up to us to provide a secure and caring environment for his development.

It is important to us to promote equality between girls and boys, in particular by combating stereotypes, to promote respect for differences and to give all children access to a healthy and stimulating childhood. Because being a parent is an everyday challenge, the Family component is a place of support, sharing, exchange. Because Leisure, complementary to the educational action of the family and the school, allows children to build themselves, to position themselves and to find their place in society.

We offer a wide range of services around the child, the family, parenting. Support our association which works with Guadeloupe children and families, Just like our association make the difference,



Ludovic Etenna

A word from the president of the association


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